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Pest Management Academy

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Pest Management Academy overview

Our Core Values -  Integrity - Quality - Perseverance - Diligence

Pest Management Academy Overview

Pest Management Academy can help you take your professional pest control / pest management career to new heights! See our Overview below for details on our various course options. Should you have any questions or cannot find the information you are looking for on this site, please feel free to call or email us! And don’t forget to sign up for our bi-monthly newsletters to stay in the loop with the latest industry happenings!

Pest Management Academy provides the following pest control training options to the pest control industry:

Option 1

Skills Program EQF Level 2:

3-day practical training program covering all fields of registration.  It is held at the Academy but can be conducted at a venue of your choice depending on the amount of students. The Skills Program is aimed at pest control operator assistants and persons who might have reading difficulties or for those who don’t speak English as a first language.


You do not need to complete workbooks, but you must complete a test and be able to read and interpret labels and MSDS. A practical assessment is also done to assess competency.

Option 2

Skills Program EQF Level 4

3-day practical training program presented at EQF level 4 -  a higher level than the restricted EQF 2 above, covering all fields of registration. It is held at the Academy but can be conducted at a venue of your choice depending on the amount of students.



You are expected to complete examinations and workbooks and you must show competency in theoretical work and practical scenarios. This skills program is aimed at people who want to be qualified as a fully registered pest control operator and is suitable for people working on their own without supervision, in other words your average pest control operator.

Option 3

FET Certification

The Pest Control Operations EQF Level 4 Course:

This course is aimed at people who want a largely theory-based qualification and who are more involved in the supervision or management elements of the pest control industry. This is a correspondence or distance learning course and rewards the successful candidate with a National Certificate. It covers all fields of registration.

The Core Fundamental Module 1 is compulsory and has to be completed first and covers all the basic elements in pest control. Thereafter, you can choose which pest control field you would like to specialize in, and pick one or more of the following Modules 2-10:

Module 2: Apply, direct and monitor Protection of Plants and Plant Products programs.
Module 3: Apply, direct and monitor the control of health and nuisance pests.
Module 4: Direct and monitor the preservation of timber in structures.

Module 5: Inspect structures for wood destroying organisms.
Module 6: Fumigate commodities using toxic gasses.*
Module 7: Fumigate soil using toxic gasses.*
Module 8: Fumigate structures using toxic gasses.*
Module 9: Fumigate marine vessels using toxic gasses.*
Module 10: Apply, direct and monitor control measures for subterranean termites.

Examinations may be completed at any time, as soon as the learner is ready and feels confident to sit the examination, which will be online at your offices or at the Academy.  On completion of the examinations for the compulsory module and the one elective module, together with completed workbooks, an integrated assessment will be done with the learner. This is conducted once a month in Amsterdam, Netherlands or twice a year in Italy and Spain.

You also have the option of attending our 3 day skills course at no extra cost, which caters for the practical side in the field you have selected.  

Other Training Courses:

Field Pest Biologist (EQF 5)

The Field Pest Biologist allows you to become a Master Pest Control Operator whose function it would be to set up a full pest control program for a facility.  This entails a full assessment of the site to identify infestation, areas of access and vulnerability where pests might enter and nest in the facility.  You will be able to work out and implement a treatment plan combining all elements of integrated pest management to firstly block entry into the facility, then remove food and water sources and only then implementing a treatment program using the least amount of pesticides, choosing the options that are least toxic with acceptable LD50 values.  You will be trained to monitor the success of the pest control plan coupled with infestation flow charts and advise the customer on strategies to minimise ongoing infestation. This course will enable you to perform third party audits for food safety / HACCP facilities.  

Pest Management Academy offers comprehensive pest control training.  Over the years, we have established a solid reputation for effective and quality training. Our pest control training solutions are tailored to allow you to become proficient with the latest methods in pest control and pest management, providing you with detailed manuals and practical training.

You are legally required to be technically competent in pesticide usage and therefore cannot practice as an operator unless you have received appropriate training. Pest Management Academy is here to teach you the latest Integrated Pest Management techniques as well as the effective use of pesticides which cause as little damage to the environment as possible.


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Field Pest Biologist  

(EQF 5)

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